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Contact Lens Exams, Fittings, & Brands in Providence

Find Perfect Contact Lenses For You

Everyone’s eyes are a little bit different, so when it comes to contact lenses, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For those not interested in viewing the world through a pair of glasses, we offer a large selection of contact lenses, and we will test them with your eyes to find the right match for your needs.

Specialty Contacts

Some eyes require specialized contact lenses to suit their needs. To help ensure your contacts keep your vision clear and your eyes comfortable, we offer a variety of specialty contact lenses.

Aspheric Contacts

Aspheric lenses are contact lenses that, unlike the more common spheric lenses, rest on the whites of your eyes with flattened edges. This creates a less distorted view for your eyes, making them ideal for patients who have found that standard spherical lenses give them blurry vision.

Transition Contacts

For patients who are sensitive to light, Transition contact lenses are a great option. Transition contact lenses work very similarly to Transitions eyeglasses, darkening automatically as you enter spaces with more light.

Book your appointment today and find which lens is best for you!

Color Contacts

Transform your eye color with technology that blends with your eyes for an incredibly natural effect. Whether you want a dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement, we have a wide variety of colors so that you can experience a fresh, new look that’s always you.

Scleral Contacts

Scleral lenses provide excellent and effective vision correction (superior to glasses) for many hard-to-fit eye conditions such as keratoconus and irregular corneas.

Scleral lenses also create a lubricating tear cushion that leads to very successful results when treating severe dry patients.

Multifocal Contacts

Need a break from your bifocals or progressives? Multifocal contact lenses are the perfect option! They offer a range of benefits such as better visual acuity for the range of distances from near to far. There is also a less abrupt switch between prescriptions. Have the ability to see in most conditions without bringing extra glasses!


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Acuvue Oasys 1 Day

Tired or heavy eyes and challenging environments are the number 1 complaints users have with contact lenses. Acuvue’s innovative HydraLuxe™ with tear like properties keep your eyes moisturized all day, leaving you feeling comfortable and able to focus. Performance and excellent vision give patients the peace of mind they need in a disposable lens.

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